how to prepare a fish for cooking

How to scale a fish ( and gut it for cooking)

Scaling a fresh fish is something that should be done easily if done right. This instruction manual teaches you how to scale and gut a fish in preparation of it cooking.

The purpose of scaling and gutting a fish

Scaling is the process of removing the inedible scales from a fish in order to make the fish skin edible and tender. Gutting is the process of removing all the unwanted insides of the fish, this ensures that you have a clean and non-bitter tasting fish.

how to scale and gut a fish

how to prepare a fish

how to scale a fish

Start off by washing the actual fresh fish with water, making sure that any sand particles that might have attached to the fish are washed off. Place you fish in your sink and grab a semi-sharp knife to assist in scaling the fish.

Use a knife to scrape the scales in the opposite direction of where they are coming from. Make sure that this is a constant motion not forgetting the head and the tail. This is a messy process so make sure it is done in the sink. Keep going until the fish’s skin is smooth and free from scales.

scaling a fish

Throw all the scales away and wash the scaled fish again. It should look light in colour and be soft to the touch when scaled properly like the image below:

scaled fish

Make an incision on the vent of the fish like the image below, this will help in removing all the bitter fish guts from the fish you are trying to prepare. Make sure that the incision is deep and long.

Open the incision and remove all the fish guts. make sure you do this step carefully. Wash the inside clean with water once you are done removing the guts. This helps in making sure that all the fish guts have been removed.

a gutted fish

A clean scaled and gutted fish

patting the fish dry

how to prepare the fish for seasoning

Make slight horizontal incisions into your fish on both sides. This helps to give you a flavour packed fish.

scaling a fish

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