what to substitute for baking goods

what to substitute for different ingredients when baking

We all know the irritating feeling of not having just one ingredient of a recipe that is needed in only the last step. Well i’m glad that the irritability can come to an end today. This post will teach you what to substitute for eggs, buttermilk, chicken broth and cornstarch.

what to substitute for buttermilk

Buttermilk can be substituted by adding a teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar to every cup of fresh milk. Then allowing the milk to chill for about 10 minutes whilst waiting for the buttermilk magic to happen.

If you find this too tedious you can always use inkomazi/maas as a direct substitute of buttermilk.

This substitution works for baked good and cooked goods.

what to substitute for eggs

NB: this only applies to baked goods

Custard powder is a good substitute for eggs. Add one tablespoon of custard powder for every egg required for your baking recipe.

Do note that you will produce different textures as a whole when using custard powder, however, it will assist in getting the fluffy and light features that eggs give to baked goods.

what to substitute for cornstarch

Cornstarch can be substituted for all purpose wheat flour. The reasoning is cornstarch is ‘ floured corn’ and cake wheat flour is ‘powdered wheat flour’ so despite their differences cornstarch can be substituted for cake wheat flour.

NB: you cannot substitute cake wheat four for cornstarch it only works the one way around. This is due to the extra gluten found in cornstarch.

what to substitute for chicken broth

A chicken stock cube is an excellent substitute for actual chicken broth, this is due to the fact that a stock cube is the powdered version of chicken broth.

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