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This fresh naan bread recipe is easy to make and tastes absolutely delicious. We all love a good naan that pairs perfectly well with our favourite curry. I am pleased to say that this fluffy, flexible and delicious garlic naan bread is the only easy recipe you will need to make soft and flexible naan.

fresh naan bread recipe

fresh naan bread recipe

a step-by-step guide to making fresh naan bread:

We are first going to ‘activate’ our yeast using a method in where you mix your warm water, yeast and salt into a mixing bowl and allow it to ‘activate’ for about 10 minutes. Not only does this method make sure that the yeast is activated but it enhances the rich bread flavor we want when making fresh naan bread.

This is not the only way yeast can be activated, this is one of the many ways it can be done.

fresh naan bread recipe

activated yeast

Once you have activated the yeast, it should look very cloudy and slightly thick like the image above.  It is now time to place all the other ingredients into the bowl  and mix.

fresh naan bread

Place your flour, garlic powder and dried sweet basil into the yeast liquid and mix using a wooden spoon. The mixture is too thick for a whisk. Mix the dough with your wooden spoon and place it onto a clean floured surface.

fresh naan bread

Coat your hands with flour, this aids in making sure that the dough does not stick to your hands, and start to knead the dough. Constantly add little bits of flour if your dough is still wet and very sticky.

fresh naan bread
naan bread

Stop once you have a springy soft and dough that does not stick to your hands.

fresh naan bread recipe

Now that your dough is ready, place it into a clean large bowl that is slightly oiled and cover it up with a damp cloth. A damp cloth insures that your dough does not stick to your cloth. Lastly, your dough into a sunny spot around your house and leave it to raise for 45 minutes.

fresh naan bread recipe
fresh naan bread recipe

Once your dough is double in size, separate it into 12 equal pieces.

Roll the 8 pieces into small balls. Then heat up your non-stick pan. With little bits of oil on medium-high heat.  Roll out each ball until it is thin enough to not tear when picked up.

fresh naan bread recipe

Place your rolled dough onto the hot pan and cook for about 60 seconds on each side. Flip your dough onto the other side once it starts to form bubbles and is golden brown on the cooked side.  Your cooked fresh naan should look like the image below.

fresh naan bread recipe
pro tip:
Smear butter on the one side of every cooked naan right after cooking it. This ensures that the fresh naan bread remains flexible.

Continue to do this for the seven other naan bread.

fresh naan bread recipe

Fresh naan bread recipe

This is a herby and garlic fresh naan bread recipe that is delicious, and flexible. It is the best pair to a delicious curry.
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Prep Time 25 minutes
Cook Time 16 minutes
raising time 45 minutes
Total Time 1 hour 26 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Indian
Servings 4 2 each
Calories 241 kcal


  • 1 non-stick pan
  • 2 large bowl


  • ½ cup warm water
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 10g instant yeast (2 tsp)
  • ¼ cup melted butter
  • 1/3 cup yoghurt
  • 1 large egg
  • cup plain all-purpose flour plus more for kneading
  • 1 tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp dried sweet basil


  • Combine your water, sugar, salt, and instant yeast in a bowl and mix well.
  • Allow your yeast to activate in your bowl by leaving it for 10 minutes. Your liquid mixture will now be cloudy and slightly thick.
  • Once this is done, add your melted butter, yoghurt, and egg to the yeast mixture and mix it well.
  • Add your flour, garlic powder and dried sweet basil to your wet ingredients and mix well with your wooden spoon.
  • Now place the dough onto a clean floured surface and start kneading your dough. Constantly add little bits of flour into your dough until it is springy, soft, smooth and is no longer ticking to your hands.
  • Place your dough into a large oiled bowl and cover it with a damp cloth. Leave it in a sunny spot for 45 minutes until it is double in size.
  • Once your dough has risen separate it into 8 equal parts. Roll each part into small balls.
  • Now, heat your non-stick pan onto medium-high heat with a little bit of oil. Roll out each ball one at a time and make sure that it is thin enough to not tear when picked up. Place your rolled dough onto the hot pan and cook each side for about 60 seconds. A way to identify when to flip your is is if you have bubbles forming on the uncooked side and when the other side is golden brown.
  • Cook your dough on each side and smear a layer of butter onto each naan right after cooking it. This ensures that your fresh naan bread remains flexible and soft.
  • Do this for the rest of your naan and serve with a delicious curry or as a Wrap base.


Serving suggestions:
  • A good curry, butter chicken is a personal favourite.
  • An open wrap base.
  • A pizza base (bake the toppings and the raw dough together for 10 minutes at 170 degrees celsius).
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Want to know how to freeze your fresh naan bread for later? Click here.

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